Posted on by Datin Seri Norazlina Tan Sri Awang Had

It was a Sunday afternoon to remember. On 22nd July 2018, Lawabana organised a luncheon under the brand name to introduce the company and the artisans under our wing. The inaugural event was held at Hilton KL and was graced by the presence of Tengku Sharif Temenggong, YAM Datuk Seri Di Raja Syed Amir Ibni Almarhum Tengku Syed Putra Jamallullail, YM Che Puan Temenggong Perlis, Datin Seri Farinawati Datuk Mohd Din and YM Raja Mazlena Raja Aziz, General Manager, Pusat Kreatif Kanak-kanak Tuanku Bainon. The event was a major success, not only in showcasing what our local artisans have to offer, but to raise funds for the future of  the local arts scene with proceeds going to Pusat Kreatif Kanak-Kanak Tuanku Bainon.

In my speech, I talked about Lawabana’s aspiration; to be the bridge that connects undiscovered artisans with end consumers. Currently, this aspiration is being carried out by traversing the region to unearth local artisans and market their products through the brand Roomaku and the in-house fashion brand; C’hantom.

To make the afternoon more memorable, the event continued with the art auction. Proceeds will go to PUSAT KREATIF KANAK-KANAK TUANKU BAINUN - an organisation that focuses on introducing the traditional arts to the younger generation as well as on awareness for the local arts through initiatives spearheaded by Lawabana. The event showcases masterpieces from more than 10 artisans across Malaysia. From sculptures, paintings, ceramics and weaved items, every pieces are carefully curated to give a glimpse of what Malaysian talents has to offer.

While enjoying the scrumptious spread for lunch, guests were also entertained by the talented Borneoan singer/ songwriter Jonathan Tse with his own rendition of Frank SInatra’s Fly Me To The Moon and his original song, “Bole Bah Kalau Ko”. The afternoon proceeded with a fashion show by the in house brand C’hantom. The theme for the ensemble was tropical gateway; with soft, billowy fabrics tie-dyed under the Shibori technique.

The highlight of the day was when Lawabana managed to collect close to RM 30,000 to be donated to Pusat Kreatif Kanak- Kanak Tuanku Bainon. It was definitely a feat that we could not attain if not for the support of our customers who believed in the same aspirations as we do.

This is just the beginning of many wonderful things to come. The launch has helped raise awareness of the conversation to preserve and upheld local crafts and art scene. The work has just begun, but with so many leading artisans inspiring an example to the future generation, and continuous support from the community, there is great hope for the future.