Posted on by Datin Seri Norazlina Tan Sri Awang Had

Finally my dream of creating this website dedicated to promote handcrafted work by artisans across Asia has become a reality.  So like any other mother, real or virtual, I’m pleased and relieved to see my brainchild being born and taking its steps into the world.  By now it’s a toddler that is growing up fast and I’m grateful for the support and attention ROOMAKU has received.

In the course of my travels to meet artisans and discover new creations, I have spent many weekends away from home, mulling about ROOMAKU and trying to put everything into perspective; to ensure the website serves as a platform to promote the many hidden talents of artisans in the region as well as to collaborate with them to preserve Asian art, culture and heritage. Now that ROOMAKU is up and running,  the feeling is absolutely amazing to see the website showcasing the many untold stories of the passion, pride, dreams, (as well as the countless sweat equity) and tradition of these wonderful artisans – wonderful human beings.

I must say the journey has been a humbling experience.  More than often not, I have been astounded to witness the abundance of talents these lovely people possess. Strange as it may seem to the rest of us, some of these artisans are nonchalant, blasé even, about their skillful hands and creative minds. Many of them live in remote villages where their handcrafted artwork was just a means to feed their family. Many of them, despite their considerable talents, still live very basic lives.

From early on, being an art lover (and someone who studied art and design as a young woman) I recognise these kindred spirits and saw their passion.  I appreciate their true potential and this prompted me to create this platform to promote their talent and to enable them to obtain a sustainable income through the creation of our borderless marketplace on ROOMAKU.

Soon to come are more interesting journeys and adventures in search of more artisans. Old and young, near and across the seas -- whatever cultural art and family tradition, whatever creed, language, skill or personality -- the pride, passion and dreams hint at the more untold stories that continue to inspire my journeys and motivate my passion, and we hope these stories will be duly revealed and shared on ROOMAKU.

So as I watch over this virtual child of mine and the people connected to it, with great love, I realise that it still has much growing to do -- as do our work for, and the work by the artisans who are members of the ROOMAKU family. 

Thank you for being with us on this journey.  Please consider yourself a member of our family at ROOMAKU too! 

PS: And in case you haven’t, please take a moment to check out our fine artisanal creations and artwork.