How To Have a Wholesome Eid This Year

Driving back to meet your loved ones, celebrating the joyous occasion with family and friends, it is easy to forget few important things to consider before the first of Syawal. Amidst all the excitement, we at Roomaku hope that this post could act as a guide leading to the big day!
1. Security is THE priority.
With most urban dwellers going back to the kampung for the much awaited celebration, our homes are now vulnerable to criminals. Do inform your neighbourhood police station on the date you will not be around. Inform trusted neighbours to keep an eye on your premise. Before leaving the house, ensure all windows and doors are locked and external part of your home are well-lit. Not going anywhere? Do the neighbourly thing by helping your neighbours to keep watch of any shady characters around the community.
2. Car maintenance- checked!
Raya clothes, checked. Raya meals, checked. What about your vehicle maintenance? Do a quick vehicle check- up to ensure smooth and safe travel back. Items such as tyre pressure and brake fluids might sound dreary, but your vehicle needs to be in a tip top condition before you zoom to your destination. Remember to keep the number to call for car emergency breakdown and make sure the car toolbox is inside the car.
3. Home is where the heart is. Make it look the part!
This festive season, it is still not too late to take the opportunity to breath new life to your home. Your abode should mirror your festive spirit! Recently, we have conducted a successful Eid Sales at Bangunan Bakti Tun Siti Hasmah in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. We enjoyed meeting the people who believed in our artisanal products and the idea exchanges that came with it. If you missed the sale, fret not. Head over to our online store at and enjoy our storewide discount of 25%!
4. It is not just the destination, but the journey as well
    Malaysia’s Eid commute is notorious for the traffic jam. Ensure the driver has enough rest and sufficient sleep before the long drive. Waze is a practical app to use to plan your travel. Now that you are on the road, don’t forget to buckle up! The long commute could be physically tiring and emotional draining, but it is an opportunity to bond with your family as well. While carrying conversations build rapport, it could also assist in keeping the driver alert and awake.
    5. Show that you care
      Love is not just about showing up, but also showing how much you care. This Eid, materialise your affection to your loved ones by gifting them a beautiful Ribu-Ribu 2-tiered basket; intricately woven by the artisans from the Rungus Tribe in Sabah. This beautiful gift basket comes with handmade Batik Block Coasters, a ceramic tea set inspired by the Japanese Zen Art and six types of cookies to impress.The gift basket is just one of the items that we offer on our website Enter the promocode: mysyawalwithroomaku to enjoy storewide savings on our artisanal products.
      All in all, it is the season for forgiveness and celebrating victory with our loved ones. Stay safe, enjoy the glorious food and reconnect with family and friends. Our family at Roomaku wishes you Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin!