ROOMAKU simply means ‘My home’ in Malay Language. ROOMAKU, is not merely a brick and mortar structure. It is where lives are nurtured. It is where inspiring ideas and imagination run free.
ROOMAKU promotes Asian artisan by presenting iconic and prideful handcrafted creations that cater to art lovers who seek authentic, elegant and contemporary artistic handicrafts.
ROOMAKU strives to make meaningful difference to the Asian artisans by responding to the changing needs and market trends. ROOMAKU hopes to collaborate with many artisans to preserve the Asian culture, art and heritage.
To partner with selected artisans whose handcrafts deserve to be spotlighted in the global stage.
To empower our artisan partners by supporting their efforts to build a sustainable business.
To enrich the potentials of our artisans to create value in a borderless marketplace.
To encourage creativity that holds true to customs and traditions whilst embracing
contemporary sensibilities.

ROOMAKU is founded in 2015. Based in Malaysia, founder Datin Seri Norazlina Awang Had who is passionate about cultural heritage and arts leads a team of equally dynamic people namely Norma Awang Had, Irliana Ibrahim, Nor Suraya , Vaani Thiagarajan, Muhammad Shafiq, Ubaidullah and Haqimi Marni. Together they bring to Roomaku a combined working experience in the fields of art, design, commerce, media, branding and education.
ROOMAKU is founded with an aim to cultivate positive stance among the artisans to continue their cultural heritage, passion and soulful handicraft with pride and vision.
We strive to bridge the gap between the individual artisans and the discerning art lovers by overcoming barriers and transcending borders to have the art lovers become intimately acquainted with the artisans.
Initiating this matters and is important to us because artisans need to upscale their capacities to remain sustainable. Their prospects for growth are limited if they relied on domestic demands alone.
Unless artisans are aided in their efforts to grow and flourish, there would be a decline in interest to succeed. This in turn will pave a disastrous impact on the community’s ability to preserve its cultural and traditional heritage.
We identify artisan communities in rural hard-to-reach locations in Asia with our extensive traveling and probing for possible partnerships. By collaborating with us, the artisans see the possibilities of broadening their customer base to the international market.
We offer extraordinary handmade products by Asian craftspeople that reflect their untold journey of heritage and culture. Many of our items are imbued with generations of knowledge, products of cultural influences that inspired the artisans who lovingly made them. Traditions are honoured and we ensure every piece of our artifacts is rich with modern aesthetic.