Coloured Barait Carry Basket Bag - Design A


This exclusive bag is a must have!
‘Barait’, is a traditional basket bag or knapsack popularly used by the ‘Kadazan Dusun’ community in Sabah Malaysian Borneo. This beautiful carry-all bag is lovingly produced out of intricate woven strapping, a type of plastic that is pliable and yet sturdy.  The eye-catching colours on the basket bag highlight the uniqueness of tradition with a contemporary twist.
This attractive bag without lid can be used as a bag, wall hanging or even to store your magazines and news papers. It fits beautifully into any of your home decor. 
Available in 2 colours
Dimensions: 23cm(W) x 43cm(L)
RM200.00 MYR RM100.00 MYR
RM100.00 MYR
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