Tribal Wind chime - MEDIUM


Enjoy the beautiful sound as this charming wind chime dances in the wind!
This handmade natural wooden wind chime is lovely with hand crafted tribal motif holder. The wind chime is beautifully decorated with hand carved colourful wooden beads and aluminum rods. The detailed hand crafted fish ornament that completes every string of the wind chime highlights the uniqueness of this exclusive piece.
Made in the Philippines, this must have wind chime is refreshingly different with many articulate hand crafted pieces assembled together, fits nicely with any types of décor from Boho to beach to cottage chic and it makes a perfect surprise gift to impress your special one!
Dimensions: 89cm(H) x 34cm(W)
RM402.00 MYR RM112.00 MYR
RM112.00 MYR
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