It's a clash of culture and what a sight to behold!

Made using the batik and shibori tie-dye technique, our artisan took inspiration from a far-flung exotic culture to incorporate Aztec motif into the creation of this collection. Reflect your wanderlust and passion for cultures with this shirt inspired by the Malay Archipelago's Batik, the ancient technique of Japanese Shibori and the geometrical motif of the South American region.  Due to the Shibori technique, each piece is different, ensuring exclusivity for the owner.
The cotton material and fun motif make it a must-have piece in your suitcase when you're packing for that tropical getaway.

Material: Sponge 100% Cotton
Measurements: Waist 28inch , Length 39inch , Butt 46inch 
RM61.00 MYR
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