Srikandi Gold-Plated Necklace


Srikandi was a mystical warrior princess from the ancient epic of Mahabharata. There were many variations of the epic across Asia, but according to Javanese lore, she was the wife of Arjuna, the best archer in the world and the son of the Celestial King. Srikandi was revered for her resilience, strength and wisdom in war. She was seen as an equal to her husband.
Unleash your warrior spirit with the Srikandi necklace, fashioned from gold-pleated metal and pair it with the Srikandi silver-plated earrings. This necklace is sourced from the artisans in Indonesia, a land that is still filled with ancient Javanese magic and lore. Only at Roomaku

Material: Gold Plated with Adjustable length
Dimensions: Length:50cm, Weight:103 gramms
RM180.00 MYR
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