Teak Branches Frame


Assorted picture frames made of recycled wood would look whimsical in any setting. 
The frame has branches as routed border with a 24cm x 19cm opening to display your family photo or print beautifully. The exclusive frame is solid with outstanding handcrafting of teak branches entwined with glue and v-nails. This lovely item comes with a wooden stand for horizontal tabletop display. 
 This truly one-of-a-kind frame is unique with a touch of modernity and nice contrast. Lovingly created in Chiang Mai, Thailand this frame with many characteristics will surely make a lovely custom gift or simply beautifies your living room, bedroom and your garden too!
Please note that your picture frame may vary slightly from the picture in our shop listing, due to the natural grain of the wood.
Dimensions: 42cm(H) x 35cm(W)
RM59.00 MYR
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