3 in 1 Teak Weave Tray


These trays are artistically hand created with mengkuang leaves employing the anyaman technique with teak wood base.
Lovingly known as ‘3 n 1’ this teakwood tray set comes in small, medium and large sizes. Created in Chiang Mai, Thailand, these trays will make excellent addition to your dining experience.
You will find many uses for this tray in your own home. From being a great decor piece, entertaining guests, to serving your sweetie breakfast in bed, the options are endless!
Dimensions: Small 4cm(H) x 23cm(W) x 38cm(L); Medium 4cm(H) x 26cm(W) x 41cm(L); Large 4.5cm(H) x 29cm(W) x 44cm(L) 
RM280.00 MYR
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